Tuesday, November 09, 2004


::does updating dance:: Woopie for me. Of course, I think like anyone is reading this. So, yeah, what has happened. I had play practise yesturday, it was SO MUCH FUN!! All my freinds did was joke around. When the guys had to go up to learn their part for the song, I asked my friend T.J. if I should be a guy. He was like do you want ot be a guy, and I was like maybe and then I winked at one of my girl friends. Everyone was cracking up. T.J., the future pedofile and rapist. Tyler the pimp wanna be, and me the person who tolerates them all. I'm writing a fanfic, i have no idea what it is goign to be called. Its about Ron relising that he really loves Harry, there is going to be gay sex, heehee. I think gay guys kissing and stuff is soooo cute, hence why I'm writing a gay romance story. I'm o messed up, I think it is because I have too many gay friends, oh well. I'm going to go anddo my hw now, oh so fun. Luv u al.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Um, Hi Everyone

I'm so fucking stupid, I never update this damn thing. What the hell is the point! Oh well, I'm updating now, aren't I? I moved in with my dad later than expected, I moved in about a month ago. Shit got messed up some how. I think I'm going to fail a project that we did in SS/English, but I don't give two shits so it doesn't matter. It was crap anyway. I have a GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) game tomorrow, which i have been looking foward to for a month 'cause my uncle is starting his campainge. My character fucking kicks ass! Shes a total bitch and has only two friends. Shes a freshman in HS. I got super powers, can turn into a shadow and shit. It be cool. God, I'm a total nerd. One of the most popular girls in my school IMed me and I thought I was getting punked or something. I was having some sort of attack, it might have been a heart attack or a stroke. I'm not sure. I was freaking. Lord knows she is proabably reading thinks I'm even more of a freak. She asked me why I didn't have a Xanga. What kind of a crap question is that?!?! I have a blog and that is fine with me.

Back to the subject if school, I think I'm failing everything 'cause I never do my hw. I just don't care really, so I don't do it. Though my interum was fine, I have no idea how that happened.

I'm going to go and play video games. I'll try to update, hope people are actually reading this.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm Getting Really Annoyed

I can't move in with my dad until probably next week. This sucks major. I was going to really start moving in tomorrow, bringing a majority of clothes, my computer, and other things. Now I can't do that. I'm not even going ot bother. School starts in almost a day, which adds to stress level. My uncle is going to have to drive me into school in the morning and my dad is probably going to pick me up because my grandfather may not have his car. I know that was a run on sentence, but I don't give a shit. I have to use as much bad language and grammer mistakes as possible before school starts. I have to go work on my book now so I can give it to my former English teacher. 'Night

Monday, September 06, 2004

I'm Starting to Remember to Update

Yay updating! So happy! Ok, um, lemme see what have I done since the last time I posted? Almost nothing. I'm doing my laundrey so everything is clean for moving. YAY CLEANLINESS!!! I put black nail polish on my nails, I think I'm going to do my toes while I watch TV tonight, not sure yet. Almost every person I wanted on my team this year is on my team, YAY! If you have no idea what I am talking about here is the explaination. In the school I go to each grade has two teams, blue and gold. If you don't have somebody on your team you will rarely see them. My boyfriend is on my team, which I am so happy about!! If you are reading this A.M. (you know who you are), we should do something before school starts. My best girlfriend is on my team, best guy friend, second best guy friend, and many others. I don't want to bore you with to many details. I am going to go and see if I can get the pink hair dye to show up in my hair. I'm not going to be abloe to update for a few days starting tomorrow unless I move my PC to my dads house this week. TTYL bye.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

And again why did I get this thing?

God damnit, I thought I was going to remember to update this damn thing. O well. Um lets see what as happened. I'm moving in with my dad this week, school starts on Thursday, and today I had to hang out with family. I had lunch with my grandmother, and dinner with my aunt and two cousins. I dubbed (spelling?) today family day.
School is starting which I am not looking foward to. This year I have to go on the bus which is hell. The bus is where it is easier for the popular kids to make fun of your "look" and ask dumb questions.
I'm looking foward to moving in with my dad. My room totally kicks ass. 3 walls are burgundy and the wall behind my bed is painted black. I have a bunch of pics and posters on my walls. It looks really cool. I'm going to have to get used to living with my dad though. I'm homesick and I have't even moved out yet. But I have to go my dad just came in.

P.S. When school starts I will have more to talk about.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

God I Need a Life

I did absolutly nothing today. I got up at 2:00 p.m., went shopping for random things with my grandfather, had dinuch (the meal that is too late to be lunch and to early to be dinner), came home, did stuff on my PC, and then went to my dad's house to hang out. I got home watched comedy shows, ate 2 apples, fiddled with my new graphing calculater which I have no idea how to use, and then went into my room and did more stuff on my PC. God my life sucks. Tomorrow I might be cleaning and doing laundry, I don't know yet. It depends on my motivation level. I probably won't. My grandfathers going out tomorrow, so I might get a hour or 2 alone. YAY!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I so need to write reminders on my calender...

Why did I get this thing in the first place. I never update. O well. Um when was the lat time I posted, o yeah. Ok what has happened since then. I'm going to be able to mmove back in with my dad on the 26, but I'm not going to acctually move in with him until September probably. I'm going to be able to talk to my mom about all the stupid shit she has done in my therapists office so that should be fun. Wish me luck with that. I'm writing a story untitled Whispers. I may post it on some website that supports this type of stuff when its done. I just finished chapter 3 a few minutes ago and there is a lot more that has to be added. This is probably going to be book length. For those who want to know its about a teenage girl who is an outcast in her school. The book is about what goes on during 8th grade.
I practising reading tarot cards. if anyone wants a reading who is in my circle of friends I can try to set something up for you ;). I still need the book with all the meanings for the cards, though.
Summer is so goddamn boring at the moment. Almost the only reason why I am wrting a book/story. O well. School is right around the corner. Yes, everyone. I am looking foward to school just because of the fact that it gives me something to do during the day.
Here is a funny thing I saw on one of hte forums I am apart of to end this peticular piece of ranting:
Some people are only alive beacuse it illegal to shoot them.