Sunday, September 05, 2004

And again why did I get this thing?

God damnit, I thought I was going to remember to update this damn thing. O well. Um lets see what as happened. I'm moving in with my dad this week, school starts on Thursday, and today I had to hang out with family. I had lunch with my grandmother, and dinner with my aunt and two cousins. I dubbed (spelling?) today family day.
School is starting which I am not looking foward to. This year I have to go on the bus which is hell. The bus is where it is easier for the popular kids to make fun of your "look" and ask dumb questions.
I'm looking foward to moving in with my dad. My room totally kicks ass. 3 walls are burgundy and the wall behind my bed is painted black. I have a bunch of pics and posters on my walls. It looks really cool. I'm going to have to get used to living with my dad though. I'm homesick and I have't even moved out yet. But I have to go my dad just came in.

P.S. When school starts I will have more to talk about.


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