Thursday, November 04, 2004

Um, Hi Everyone

I'm so fucking stupid, I never update this damn thing. What the hell is the point! Oh well, I'm updating now, aren't I? I moved in with my dad later than expected, I moved in about a month ago. Shit got messed up some how. I think I'm going to fail a project that we did in SS/English, but I don't give two shits so it doesn't matter. It was crap anyway. I have a GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) game tomorrow, which i have been looking foward to for a month 'cause my uncle is starting his campainge. My character fucking kicks ass! Shes a total bitch and has only two friends. Shes a freshman in HS. I got super powers, can turn into a shadow and shit. It be cool. God, I'm a total nerd. One of the most popular girls in my school IMed me and I thought I was getting punked or something. I was having some sort of attack, it might have been a heart attack or a stroke. I'm not sure. I was freaking. Lord knows she is proabably reading thinks I'm even more of a freak. She asked me why I didn't have a Xanga. What kind of a crap question is that?!?! I have a blog and that is fine with me.

Back to the subject if school, I think I'm failing everything 'cause I never do my hw. I just don't care really, so I don't do it. Though my interum was fine, I have no idea how that happened.

I'm going to go and play video games. I'll try to update, hope people are actually reading this.


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